This stylish, ultra-thin, and due to the aluminium and TPE materials used also resilient multi hub in the elegant Apple-like design. Using this device you can connect an array of peripherals (such as a mouse, keyboard, flash or hard disc etc.) not only to your MacBook 12” but to any other device with USB-C port. Moreover, the USB-C recharges the devices connected. The multi hub also makes it possible to play videos in the highest quality of 4K due to its HDMI port.and is equipped with two standard USB ports.

USB-C 2 x USB HDMI 4K Aluminum
port port 3.0 video output design
Technical specifications: USB 3.0: Up to 5Gbps data tranfer USB-C port input: supports PD 3.0 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V 3A 49W max. HDMI output: 4K/30Hz, HDCP1.4/2.2 Supported devices: MacBook Pro 2016 and later, MacBook Air 2018 and later, MacBook 12" and any other Type-C device Dimensions: 108x27.5x10mm Weight: 45g
This Type-C 4K HDMI HUB is designed for use with USB-C enabled laptops