Outdoor Cover

With this outdoor cover, you can take your AirPods almost everywhere with no worries. Thanks to the top quality 2.5 thick silicone it's highly resistant to scratches and drops, while the safety carabiner secures the AirPods attached to your bag or a trouser loop.

AirPods is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Material: Silicone Thickness: 2.5mm Dimensions: 56x48x24.5mm Weight: 23g (with a carabiner)
This cover is designed for use with Apple AirPods charging case.
Can I charge my Apple AirPods charging case while having this Outdoor Cover on? Yes, this cover has a precise cut-out on the bottom for convenient access to the Lightning connector.
Is this cover shock resistant? The 2.5 thick high-quality silicone can prevent your AirPods charging case from scratches or damage caused by a fall. Please keep in mind that even with this cover, your AirPods charging case is not indestructible.