Epico Hero Glass is superior-quality tempered glass protection for your smartphone. 0.30mm thick frosted silicone edge enhances the resistance of the glass and protects your phone from any scratches when placed upside down. lifetime anti-bacterial protection of the glass is provided by copper and silver ions implantation into the glass surface to the depth of 6 um. Hero Glass preserves the quality of the picture and accuracy of the response to the finger touch. It meets the 9H hardness standard, which makes it extremely strong and yet only 0.35mm thin. Installation is easy and bubble-free.

Material: tempered glass Antibacterial protection: kills 99,9% of harmfull bacterias Implantation process: silver and copper ions Silicone edge thickness: 0.30mm Hardness: 9H Thickness: 0.35mm Clarity: 100% transparent