Bright Case

Elegant and reliable protection that will really brighten your phone. The case has an unobtrusive but luxurious look due to the trendy combination of translucent design and metallic edges. The flexible TPU will attach tightly to your phone and thus provide 100% protection. It covers the backside, edges and side buttons of your phone but with no restriction of the functionality. The variety of colours matches iPhones design perfectly.

100% Impact Full edge Elastic
transparent resistance protection & durable
Thickness: 1mm
Weight: 17g
Material: TPU
Bright Case - transparent iPhone 5/5S/SE PN: 1110101300049 iPhone 6/6S/7/8 PN: 15810101300020 iPhone X / XS PN: 24310101300010 iPhone XR PN: 32910101900001 iPhone XS Max PN: 33010101900001
Bright Case - transparent/silver iPhone 5/5S/SE PN: 1110102100024 iPhone 6/6S/7/8 PN: 15810102100010 iPhone X / XS PN: 24310102100004
Bright Case - transparent/gold iPhone 6/6S/7/8 PN: 15810102300016